Strack Family bw

Benjamin & Kristi Strack Family

Mother of Kristi Strack said implicating her daughter,

“…she could not believe ‘she’ would do this to the kids.”

“Mental illness” has been mentioned and the fox in the hen house NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill – talk about calling evil, good and good, evil!) who gets 80% of their funding from Pharma has been called upon. Of course NAMI’s main focus is to convince family members to keep their loved ones on their medications thus insuring the profits continue to roll in for Pharma. The media in Utah will not alert the public to this information though. Why? Who knows? But most likely their advertising income which is mainly from drug company adverts. (Verification on NAMI funding can be found in the US Senate probe by Senator Charles Grassley. So embarrassed was the head of NAMI to learn this, he resigned.)

First thinking this was a tragic accident via carbon monoxide poisoning, detectives now believe they have the evidence to support that this was most likely a murder/suicide by a mentally ill family member. Once again “mental illness” is being blamed for what we all know is chemically induced by the so called “medications” that have listed side effects of both homicidal and suicidal ideation (compulsive thoughts and actions).

This case reminds me too much in many ways of the Andrea Roberts tragedy in Flower Mound, TX who after two weeks on Zoloft became convinced her whole family had AIDS. As a result she shot her son and daughter and husband while they slept and then shot herself. In the REM Sleep Disorder (RBD) you act out your nightmares in a sleepwalk state. And with 86% of those being diagnosed with RBD being on an antidepressant is it any wonder we are seeing so many nightmares being acted out in our world?! Who knows what kind of delusion this poor mother was suffering from her drug-induced nightmare?! And who knows how many more are on the verge?

[Note that the SSRI dextromethorphan was used in the poisonings. AVOID cough and cold meds with this in them, especially when taking an antidepressant!]

“…detectives found empty bottles of liquid methadone. Some of the bottles had future dates on them.

“In a trash bag collected from a garbage can outside the house, detectives found 10 opened and empty boxes of a nighttime cold and flu medication and nine empty blister packs for cold and flu medication, according to the warrants. The bag also contained two empty boxes for allergy relief medication….

“Family members told investigators that it was unusual for all five family members to be in the master bedroom together. On the day the bodies were discovered, Kristi Strack’s mother, who was one of the family members who found them, said she “knew her family” and knew there hadn’t been a carbon monoxide leak.

“Valerie (Sudweeks) also said she couldn’t believe ‘she’ would do this to the kids,” the affidavit states. “Officers tried to clarify (her) statement, but she only assured them it wasn’t a carbon monoxide leak.”


Strack family autopsies won’t be in until end of November, police say

Strack family: Search warrants begin ‘to confirm our suspicions’

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