Senator Grassley’s Probe Discovered NAMI Is Funded 81% by Pharmaceuticals


Anyone having anything to do with NAMI needs to know this about their history. Beware of any and all groups claiming to offer “support” for those suffering mental illness. You need to know who is behind the group and what they are really about. I have more information on yet another suicide support group I will be sending out next.

How interesting to read NAMI’s alleged mission statement after it was just recommended as a source for help for anyone suffering as this veteran who just committed a double murder-suicide in Salt Lake City … very different mission than what Senator Charles Grassley’s Senate probe found as reported by the New York Times October 21, 2009. He found that 81% of their funding comes from drug companies…$23 Million just between 2006 – 2008.

Then the following day CBS News suggested Senator Grassley should look at a lawsuit filed against Pfizer by a former pharmaceutical rep which “alleges that Pfizer turned NAMI into a “Trojan Horse” to promote the antipsychotic drug Geodon for off-label use in children,”…”NAMI’s web site was used to promote off-label use of Geodon in kids, and NAMI’s former president, James McNulty, was on Pfizer’s payroll, the suit alleges.”

It amazes me that so few are aware of any of this about NAMI when they claim to be there for patients.

Westlock vs Pfizer:

New York Times:


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