SSRI Antidepressant- Manie’s Story Paxil and birth defects

My son, Manie, was born with a rare heart defect because I took Paxil during my first three months of pregnancy. Manie had to have a hole ripped into his heart shortly after birth to save his life. At eight days old he had a 12hr. open heart surgery.

Manie is 5 yrs old now. He has a leaky valve which was caused by the open heart surgery. He has been on numerous medications. One of the medications he takes daily is for high blood pressure. He has been on this medication since he was one week old.

Manie has also suffered with severe acid reflux. This has cause extensive damage to his teeth and damage to his throat. Manie also experiences severe stomach cramps multiple times during the day and night. During the night he not only wakes from stomach cramps he often wakes screaming and crying because of arm and leg cramps.

When Manie was a year old it was discovered through a cardiac cath. he has collaterals (vessels) growing off of both sides of his heart. These collaterals attach to the arteries that go to his lungs. Manie has had to have several coils placed into the collaterals to plug them up. You can read more about Manie at

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  1. Our son was born with 3 birth defects we believe due to my wife taking luvox while pregnant She was reassured that it was safe to take He has had multiple heart surgerieshis head is misshaped and he is deaf in one ear. These are all environmental birth defects which means something caused these We just can’t find expert witnesses to help our case If anyone knows of one or a great attorney please notify me

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