ANTIDEPRESSANT: PA Ex-Marine Found Dead After Killing 6 Family Members

Home Shootings-Pennsylvania

Bradley William Stone

Thank you to all of you who alterted me to this case, but I was already working on it and wanted it to go out with all the evidence that screams ANTIDEPRESSANT! I have bolded all evidence below that this was yet another antidepressant-induced family murder/suicide.

Bradley William Stone, 35, (#1) an Iraq war veteran from Pennsburg, PA, (#2) has now been found dead of a self -inflicted fatal stab wound apparently from a sword, (#3) after he methodically killed his ex-wife and her mother, grandmother and sister, as well as the sister’s husband and 14-year-old daughter. But Stone didn’t harm his two daughters, who were living with his ex-wife. He took them to a neighbor’s residence in Pennsburg, the last place he was seen,

Stone served in the Marine Corps Reserve from 2002 to 2011 and was honorably discharged as a decorated veteran, (#4)has undergone treatment for post-traumatic shock syndrome,” according to court records. They also show he (#5) suffered combat-related injuries during a 2008 combat tour in Iraq. Stone described himself as “permanently disabled according to the Veteran’s Administration.”

“They’ve been fighting for years, real bad,” Michelle Brewster said. Their divorce was filed 2009 and finalized in 2012. “He’s been tormenting her. She’s gone to the police and (#6) she has told everybody, ‘He’s going to kill me.”’

(#7) The shootings began around 3:30 a.m.

(#8) Stone has three drunken-driving arrests, (#9) most recently a February 2013 arrest for driving with a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. He was already on probation for one of those.

In family court papers, Stone’s ex-wife said he claimed in a 2011 hearing that he was “permanently disabled,” according to the Veterans Administration, but that he had not applied for Social Security disability benefits. BUT the Marine Corps told CNN it has no record of Stone being injured.

William Schafte of Harleysville, who has known him for 20 years,  said when he heard news of the rampage he broke down in tears.(#10) He said, “Iwould describe him as a laid back guy, loving his family, loving his country. I know he had issues with his children over a custody battle or something, but other than that, he’s just a laid back guy,” Schafte said.

“I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it, because this isn’t the Brad that I know. He would do anything for anybody. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“I don’t understand why he did what he did what he did. I am totally shocked, dumbfounded. I just want to go home and hug my son. Stuff like this doesn’t happen, it’s absurd.”

(#11) Neighbors called him a “great guy” before he left for Iraq. But when he came back after only a couple of months he “was a completely different man,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

(#12) The body of Bradley William Stone was found with a self inflicted fatal wound as I suspected it would. 

When you go to the large database of previous cases to compare you see the same pattern repeated over and over again: www.ssristories.NET

UPDATE 12/17/14

Coroner says Stone did not die of stab wounds. He had two medicine bottles with him, one with a powder substance and they are running toxicology tests now.

And another very interesting point brought out in this latest report is an admission by the VA that (#13) he was under the care of a VA psychiatrist and deemed neither homicidal or suicidal when they met just last week. I quote, “Department of Veteran Affairs says Stone had post-traumatic stress disorder but that he didn’t have any suicidal or homicidal thoughts when he met with his psychiatrist on Dec. 8.” (Please note that they did not disclose which medication the psychiatrist was under the influence of at the time he made that conclusion. I point that out since the very large majority of them take the same drugs they are giving their patients.)

Explanation of Each Highlighted Point

#1 A very high percentage of the those military personnel sent to Iraq have been placed on antidepressants. Veterans are reporting the pressure is so hard to take the drugs in order to go there that they have felt it was expected of them and almost a requirement.

#2 Elevated serotonin has long been found in very violent suicides and these antidepressant tragedies often end in a suicide after the homicide.

#3 The killings on antidepressants generally involve killing everyone around you. Sparing his own daughters was a miracle.

#4 “Treatment for PTSD” is as regular standard practice, an antidepressant, even though the drugs cause PTSD in those who never previously had PTSD.

#5 Those suffering combat related injuries often suffer head trauma or head injury of some kind. Antidepressant use should be contra-indicated for anyone who has had a head injury because of the much stronger adverse reaction profile that is associated with that. (Wellbutrin has the best warnings for that of all the antidepressants if you would like to check that prescribing information.)

#6 Often those close to those in trouble on these drugs sense the danger and are sure of what the person is capable and instinctively know what they could easily do.

#7 When cases happen in the middle of the night or early morning hours they can often be considered as a REM Sleep Disorder where the patient acts out their worst nightmare in a dream state. Of those currently being diagnosed with this disorder 86% are taking antidepressants.

#8 Cravings for alcohol are a far too common side effect of antidepressants.

#9 Blood alcohol levels two to three times the legal level are often found in these cases involving antidepressants due to their producing such overwhelming cravings for alcohol.

#10 The crime is clearly extreme out-of-character behavior for the individual.

#11 Drastic change in personality with the prescribing of the antidepressant. Package inserts even tell families to watch for such changes and report them immediately to doctors. Sadly few doctors pay any attention to the families who attempt to report this.

#12 The homicidal ideation produced by antidepressants will often be accompanied by suicidal ideation as well which is why so many of these end up as murder/suicides.

#13 He was under the care of a VA psychiatrist.–friends-say-helpful-laid-back-guy/439210/

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