TRAZADONE: Man Pleads Guilty to Homicide After Baby Dies on Antidepressant

Gene Richins

Gene Richins, Sandy, UT

For years in Utah Prozac was known as “Sandy Candy” due to the extremely high use of Prozac in that city. Antidepressants continue to flow there even though this article does not say whether or not Gene himself might have been on one as well thus further complicating this case. What we do know happened is that while caring for his own baby and his girlfriend’s baby woke up.

The girlfriend had earlier taken her Trazadone and Xanax to go to sleep and was too sedated to be awakened by the baby’s cries. The boyfriend gave the baby some of his own baby’s prescription Tylenol mixed with some Trazadone to get her to go back to sleep. She was found unresponsive the following morning and pronounced dead.

This young man was arrested and charged with homicide in the death and his bail set at $1 Million! (Obviously another story there as to why on earth the would be a need to set a $1 Million bail in this case!)

But what is so very dangerous about Trazadone (Deseryl) is that too many are told that it is a sleeping pill when instead it is an antidepressant – a powerful antidepressant. In fact it is the same antidepressant that the Navy yard shooter was taking when he went on his shooting spree last year.

Had this young man known any of this about Trazadone (Deseryl) perhaps he would not have given this drug to the baby. Without question there needs to be stricter labeling on this drug and more disclosure to patients about the dangers.

jonathan Midlo

Jonathan Midlo

 Jonathan Midlo, a young man in MN, who never would have taken an antidepressant because he was the one that had found and pulled his father from a car durring a “Prozac” induced suicide attempt and for the past several years had been helping his father deal with brain damage he had suffered when a psychiatrist prescribed him “Prozac” under its genaric name “Fluoxetine”after being told why he refused to take Prozac.
Jonathan had recently graduated with honors as an EMT but was having trouble sleeping due to migrains from a snowboarding accident. Michael and JaRae told me that he must have found his sister’s prescription for Trazadone in the medicine cabinet labeled, (take at bedtime for insomnia) when his melatonin ran out. His father reported that Jon had gone from enthused and full of life to isolating and sleeping all the time and not knowing that this drug was even in the house anymore, he dragged him out of bed and told him to quit whatever he was doing.
Within just a few short days Jonathan had taken his own life. This happened even though he had never been depressed or had any psychological problems. The day he died his computor was still on a page where he had been shopping for his wedding and engagement rings…not in line with suicidal planning in any way. Clearly a toxic reaction to the drug. Had the bottle indicated it was an antidepressant with the required “Black Box Warning” this young man would be alive today.
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