ANTIDEPRESSANTS???: SC Mother Claims She Put Her Five Month Old Daughter in the Creek



The classic Prozac Eyes that have become so very obvious in these cases is quite apparent in this picture. So the baby killing is the first clues with the Prozac eyes the second clue and below are several other clues that should never have been missed which could have prevented this tragedy. Just as with Andrea Yates and Susan Smith and all the other mothers in between who have acted out their worst nightmares on antidepressants or in antidepressant withdrawal.


As you look at her history it becomes most obvious that if there was more awareness of the signs of toxic behavioral reactions to antidepressants this murder, as so many others, could have been avoided via a removal of the toxic substance from the equation before more serious reactions appeared. As you can see the first offense was in 2008 and if it was not antidepressant related all the rest most likely would be since antidepressants are the main choice of medication for “treatment” of domestic violence.

“Toney, who also has gone by the last name of Carlson, has an arrest record in South Carolina that dates back to 2008, according to records obtained Wednesday from the State Law Enforcement Division.

“She was arrested twice for criminal domestic violence, receiving a one-year probationary sentence in 2010. Toney also has several arrests for shoplifting and traffic-related infractions like driving under the influence and hit and run, but state police records don’t show jail sentences on those offenses.

“Toney is currently on probation for several charges including shoplifting and lying to authorities, according to state records.”

And elsewhere in one of the two original news articles it mentions that this happened in the early morning – exactly when the REM Sleep Disorder (where one acts out their worst nightmare in a dream state and 86% of the diagnosed cases are those taking antidepressants) is to be expected – middle of the night or early morning hours.


To see all the evidence of how and why antidepressants would cause a mother to kill her children I would refer you to anther blog on the Leeza Gibbons Show on the subject of Mothers on Antidepressants Killing Their Children. Click the link below to watch the show and see the evidence.


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