Super Brain Yoga: Alternative Help Success for Improving Memory in 3 – 5 Minute Exercise

Simple 3 – 5 minute exercise improves memory for those with Alzheimers, Autism, Dyslexia, just natural aging, etc. This exercise reminds me so much of an exercise I had my children do to overcome Dyslexia when they were children. The exercise I used was called Educational Kinesiology and while writing this I realized I could Google it and sure enough here is a website for it:

So I would encourage you to watch the video below for the Super Brain Yoga exercise, plus check out Educational Kinesiology’s website above. Both excellent sources!!!!! And while you do so keep in mind that antidepressants cause severe memory problems. There are three Facebook groups you should be aware of addressing this.

The first is Antidepressant-Induced Alzheimer’s, Amnesia, and Memory Loss which you can find at this link:

The second group is Antidepressant-Induced False Accusations of Abuse which can be found at this link:

And the other group is Antidepressant-Induced Autism which can be found at this link:

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”

WITHDRAWAL WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

WITHDRAWAL HELP: You can find the hour and a half long CD on safe and effective withdrawal helps here: And if you need additional consultations with Ann Blake-Tracy, you can book one or sign up for one of the memberships for the International Coalition for Drug Awareness which includes free consultations as one of the benefits of that particular membership plan.

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