CNN: Utah & Mormon’s Prescription Drug Abuse Problem

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CNN Sunday Evening: Utah & Mormon’s Prescription Drug Problem

This will air Sunday evening on CNN and you can watch a couple of trailers on the show posted below. This is exactly where I have warned for 25 years that Utah was headed when doctors flooded the state with antidepressants and they became the antidepressant capitol of the nation. I watched these drugs destroy one of the most peaceful places in the country until I could stand it no longer and left in 2005. I could no longer bear to watch it happen and it seemed no one really wanted to listen.

I have long said that Utah should be used as a microcosm to show where these drugs will take a society. In just the first seven years after the release of the SSRIs I watched Utah go from the lowest divorce rate in the nation to over the national average.

They became the bankruptcy capitol as so many went manic on their antidepressants and spent everything they had. (I remember one man who told me that every bit of the $2 Million he had before was gone.)

Suicides were everywhere with children and adults hanging themselves, shooting themselves, jumping from overpasses or in front of trains or having standoffs with police to commit suicide by cop.

Violent crime skyrocketed as people committed crimes no one could believe someone like them would have ever committed such as mothers killing their children or previously loving fathers hacking their families to death with hatchets.

Unwed pregnancy increased. (One woman told me she was concerned about her 18 year old step daughter whose mother had started on Prozac. I said, “Not another teen! Is she pregnant yet? She said, “No, but she has been married four times this past year and getting ready to get married again!” Made me sick that this was a young woman with higher standards suffering the sexual compulsions of antidepressant-induced mania but trying to handle that by getting married over and over again!)

Another couple told me that they were in marriage counseling with 8 other couples where they were all encouraged to go on Prozac. They were the only ones who refused and the only ones who were able to hold their marriage together. All the other couples ended in divorce. From then on I referred to the drugs as the “Divorce Pills”

NAMI ruled the state when it came to convincing so many they were mentally ill and needed to be medicated. This problem was so bad that the fellow I worked closely with at Salt Lake County Drug and Alcohol Abuse encouraged me to actually infiltrate NAMI with our group, the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, because NAMI would encourage everyone to keep their loved ones on their drugs – their main and only focus really. Of course that would have been impossible since we later learned from Senator Charles Grassley’s Senate investigation into NAMI’s funding, which he did in the mid 2000’s, that 80% of their funding comes directly from drug manufacturers. The national head of NAMI was so shocked to learn that he resigned after the probe. But the group continues to do what they have done for years – push drugs for those who fund them.

How did this happen in Utah and among Mormons?

First it came from trusting in the arm of flesh rather than Father in Heaven.

Secondly as Isiah points out clearly their “tables are full of vomit” – what he means is that they are eating food that has already had all the nutrition stripped from it. But our food is stripped of nutrients via processing. We consume too many processed foods. And Mormons are just as guilty of that because too many of them are ignoring their own health code, listening to only the don’ts (no alcohol, tea, tobacco, and coffee) and paying no attention to the do’s (eat whole foods, eat meat sparingly, exercise, etc).

The price paid for ignoring this wise counsel has been devastating as you will see in this CNN special!!!

View trailers by clicking link below:

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