Overcoming Years of Hypothyroidism With Alternatives


Thyroid problems is one of the most common after effects of using antidepressants. Hypo-thyroidism is the most common but Hyper-thyroidism is seen as well. Because of that I wanted to share Frances Fuller’s story of overcoming many years of thyroid issues. To overcome this after almost 30 years of suffering with it should show you there is a way to overcome this once it is caused by antidepressants.

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The Frances Fuller Story

December 19, 2009

I was a competitive swimmer and spent hours in the pool every day. When I was 14, my thyroid was tested and found to be underactive. I was put on Armour’s Thyroid extract. By the time I was 15, the dosage had been increased to a whopping amount – 3 grains/day – which is more than many whose thyroid has been totally removed take as replacement. However, all of the tests indicated that I needed that amount.

In 1968 when I was 25, the doctors decided to try me on a relatively new drug which was synthetic thyroid containing both T3 and T4, two of the three main hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland. Although the dosage began a bit lower than the amount of thyroid extract that I had taken for over 10 years, it was back up to the 3 grains/day within months.

When I moved to Florida in 1996, the doctors could not believe that I needed so much thyroid medication. The tests indicated otherwise. However, the doctor decided to switch me to a different preparation – and did the arithmetic wrong. Not only was I lethargic, but also my hair began falling out!!! That was such a frustrating experience . . .

I went back on the T3 and T4 synthetic thyroid that I had successfully taken for 28 years.

In 2000, I heard Gary Young say, “Chlorine shuts down the thyroid.” The words were like a massive alarm in my brain! I had not only spent my childhood in chlorinated swimming pools, but I had also continued swimming laps daily as an adult – even clocking 2 miles a day (3000 meters) most of that time!!! I immediately decided that I would have to find another form of exercise and stopped swimming in chlorinated pools. Of course, it took a while before I also was able to get a whole house water filter, but I drank bottled water until that time and had to give up my “beloved long hot bath soaks” as we absorb chlorine through the skin in the bath water – along with all the other chemicals in municipal water systems!

I continued to take the T3 and T4 synthetic thyroid replacement medication.

As I began using the Young Living essential oils and NingXia Red, which was introduced in the summer of 2002, I began feeling as if I did not need as much thyroid medication. The dose was decreased ever so slightly, and the blood tests were okay.

My wonderful friend and neighbor is a medical doctor, and she was so helpful in assisting me to slowly reduce the medication . . . and then I moved to Singapore in 2003. There is no preparation with T3 available in Singapore! I stocked up on all that I could purchase in the US and made a decision: I will support my thyroid gland with the Young Living essential oils and the other foods that are supportive of the thyroid.

Gary Young taught that GERANIUM, and MYRTLE are especially supportive – and his blend ENDOFLEX was created to support and balance the entire endocrine system. I also learned that COCONUT OIL is supportive. Fortunately, coconuts are plentiful in the tropics, and I began eating fresh coconut as well as taking a spoonful of oil each day. I also used CEDARWOOD essential oil over the brain stem, on my temples, and on the bottom of the great toes – the reflex point for the pituitary gland.

In 2004 I made the switch to a medication that contained no T3. According to my friend in the US, it is not possible to get off T3 once you are on it – and certainly not after you have been on it for almost 50 years. However, I was able to make the switch without any adverse effects.

As my body became more balanced, I began reducing the amount of thyroid medication in tiny increments with no ill effects – and continued drinking NingXia Red and using the Young Living essential oils.

January 2009 I found that I no longer needed ANY synthetic thyroid medication!!! I was a bit nervous the first morning when I skipped it. However, instead of feeling lethargic, I was fine. What I DID notice immediately was that instead of always feeling “nervous”, I was far calmer and more relaxed. I anticipated needing to take the medication “every other day”, but that was not the case. Once it was discontinued I have never gone back.

I carefully monitored my body for the telltale signs of underactive thyroid – lethargy, weight gain, falling hair, and dry and flaky skin. Not one of the signs appeared!!! I began sleeping better at night.

It has now been one year (lacking a few days) since I discontinued thyroid medication. [Note: I discontinued the medication January 2009.] I have not gained any weight. My hair is thicker than before. I feel wonderful all the time. My skin is moister than it was years ago. It is pretty amazing to feel the way I do at soon-to-be 67 years without a single medication.

I use the following Young Living products especially for thyroid support – and of course, I use a lot of oils because I love them and feel I am healthier because of them!

ENDOFLEX 1 drop over thyroid 3 times a day
ENDOGIZE 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule evening
THYROMIN 1 capsule morning
NINGXIA RED 180ml (6oz) each day
I also use GERANIUM, CEDARWOOD, and YLANG YLANG daily along with a variety of other Young Living oils and blends.
Frances Fuller 19 December 2009

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The following is taken from articles and/or answers I have written to individuals. Much of it is based upon lectures by Dr. D. Gary Young and the Essential Oils Desk Reference.


ENDOFLEX blend assists in balancing the glands of the endocrine system. I personally use it, neat, right over the thyroid (at the base of the neck below the “Adam’s apple) 2-3 times a day.

THYROMIN is a capsule specifically supports the thyroid.

ENDOGIZE is a capsule that supports the entire endocrine system. It contains DHEA, which is a precursor for growth hormone. It is not a hormone. However, the Singapore government (sometimes) requires that you sign a form in order to bring into the country anything that contains DHEA, whether it is a cream or something that is ingested.

Located at the base of the neck just below the Adam’s apple, the thyroid is the energy gland of the human body. It produces T3 and T4 thyroid hormones that control the body’s metabolism. The thyroid also controls other vital functions such as digestion, circulation, immune function, hormone balance and emotions.

The thyroid gland is actually controlled by the pituitary gland which signals the thyroid when to produce the thyroid hormone. The pituitary gland, in turn, is directed by chemical signals sent by the hypothalamus gland, which monitors hormone levels in the blood stream.

A lack of thyroid hormones does not necessarily mean that the thyroid is not functioning properly. In some instances, the pituitary may be malfunctioning because of its failure to release sufficient TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to spur the thyroid to make thyroid hormone.

Other cases of thyroid hormone deficiency may be due to the hypothalamus failing to release sufficient TRH (thyrotropin releasing hormone).

In cases where thyroid hormone deficiency is caused by a malfunctioning pituitary or hypothalamus, better results may be achieved by using supplements or essential oils that stimulate the pituitary or hypothalamus, such as cedarwood.

People with type A blood have more of a tendency to have weak thyroid function.

Hypothyroid (Hashimoto’s disease) This condition occurs when the thyroid is underactive and produces insufficient thyroid hormone. Approximately 40% of the US population suffers from some milder forms of this disorder to some degree and these people tend to also suffer from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). In its severe form, it is referred to as Hashimoto’s disease.

Hashimoto’s disease affects the thyroid, limiting its ability to produce thyroid hormone.

The following symptoms occur: – Fatigue – Yeast infections (Candida) – Lack of energy – Reduced immune function – Poor resistance to disease – Recurring infections – Falling hair

Hyperthyroid (Graves disease ) When the thyroid becomes overactive and produces excess thyroid hormone, the following symptoms may occur: Symptoms of hyperthyroidism: – Anxiety – Restlessness – Insomnia – Premature gray hair – diabetes mellitus – arthritis – vitiligo (loss of skin pigment)

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Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care.

Sharing experiences with essential oils is an effective way of learning to utilize these powerful gifts from Nature. With this knowledge we can take control of our personal health. However, we are required by law in the USA to state, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”.

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