Prozac and Johnnie Brown

“The alcohol and the antidepressants almost killed him.”

am so glad I give all the glory to God that I have this information! I have a thirteen year old son who has been on a number of anti-depressants!

He has been in custody with my father a Firefighter and my step-mom who was a nurse. After my step-mom passed away almost 5 years ago my son became depressed. The Dr.’s have given him these medications for many years. I moved up to Washington because I received a call from my father saying he wanted me to come get my son! I jokingly said what’s the matter dad he’s not cute anymore! It was November 2003 when I arrived to Spokane WA. from Oakland Ca. Boy what a ride. I don’t mean the flight here!

My son had cut marks on his arms, from the ruler he was using in school. He was in trouble at school, falling asleep at his desk. They were ready to kick him out. At home he was I thought experimenting with alcohol and weed! Thank God I am a recovered addict alcoholic! This helped me in finding all his hiding places, and everything he was doing. Johnnie had told me these thing on his own He was crushing the Amphetamines his dr. had prescribed and snorting them. He would abuse them sneak them and he was stealing booze from my dads cupboard above the fridge! He was abusing inhalers. smoking weed! I removed him from the prescribed medications and had my father make an appointment to see his Dr. It was just too dangerous.

My dad started working full-time again driving school bus. I noticed my son would be laying on the floor of the shower in the morning before school. I questioned all these things for God to reveal! About February 2004 I woke up to sounds of my child crying the uncontrollable sobs! The cry that someone cries when they can’t go on ! I ran through the house he wasn’t upstairs I found him downstairs with my jacket and his shoes on with his PJ’s. He had taken my Dads gun out of the closet in the den! He cried out to me!” Where are the Bullets, I need the bullets, I can’t go on anymore, It’s only going to get worse, Where are the bullets he screamed at me!!??” My heart just broke! My very handsome beautiful child was so damaged I could not get him to come around! no matter what I said or what I prayed! I was crying too! and screamed for my dad, it was 3:00 am.

My dad called the authorities. My son was transmitted to Sacred Heart Hospital in the Adolescent Mental Health facility. the Dr.’s noticed a twitch in his Lip and his head! They put a heart monitor on him and found that he had acceleration and deceleration by 30 points! They did a MRI not all results have come in! They found he has a spot in his brain! He has MS Korea, Damage to his brain stem, he was deeply depressed and dehydrated which I thought was impossible because he was drinking distilled water by the gallons. The alcohol and the antidepressants almost killed him! So the Dr’s and Court ordered him to take them with Ramsinol, Prozac, fish oil, sleeping pills and penicillin because he is a carrier for strep! He has recently since he’s been out of the hospital cut himself once and him and his friend vandalized someone’s property and he didn’t realize what he was doing!

Knowing that he would face 180 days lock-up I feel responsible for letting him stay the night at a friends house and trusting the other parents in charge. Well everything happens for a reason! I woke up today and was given information about this web sit and Dr. Ann Blake Tracy! I was also given information about Dr. John Lindzer who God directs to heal and has a very wonderful gift!! I thank also Peter and Paula Ryan and all of this gift I give thanks to my cousin June Miller and Karen Conners! I give all the glory honor and Praise to God! and my Dad Gary Brown and my son Johnnie!

Lorrie M. Brown
(509) 276-3127

Johnnie can be reached on his AIM screen name: unsanejohnnie or on MSN at

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